ting and ting


Artist Louise Champion regards the mundane as beautiful. Her first solo show ‘Turning a Corner’ was inspired by the everyday and she is most attracted by the common things that are most often overlooked in the urban world. In Louise’s world, architectural elements that are often ignored become her centre piece; boxed buildings, staircases, cranes, subway seats and all the ordinary are bestowed a rightful and significant place. Perhaps this connection with the mundane comes from the fact that she both treads the reality of working in a different industry while also living to create her art; or perhaps she does it as a reminder that it only takes a change in perspective to see beauty even in the simplest of things.

urprisingly, her regard for the mundane is more of a quiet reverence – she avoids breaking them apart unlike those artists who go the distance and deconstruct the hierarchies of art and common things *just to prove a point.* Louise’s art is still deeply rooted in the tradition of photography and painting – to the point that even if she has the option to use modern methods, she refuses to do so. For her, there is no pleasure in taking shortcuts.  There is still that sense that the creative process is a journey that one should take from start to finish.